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Hop on a rental car to Hinesville, Georgia, and explore this beautiful, fast-growing city in the heart of the Georgia Panhandle, just a short drive from Atlanta, GA.

Hinesville is a beautiful retreat in the South, and there are many great places to go hiking, camping, picnicking, fishing and other activities. You can also visit Irene B. Thomas Park, which offers fantastic views of the Georgia Panhandle and the Chattahoochee River, as well as some of Georgia's best hiking trails.

Downtown, there are also a number of museums, including the Georgia Museum of Natural History, Hinesville Historical Society and Atlanta History Museum. Other activities in Hineville include a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as some of Georgia's best shopping and dining options.

Liberty County's military heritage is presented in this museum with ever-changing exhibits that showcase the military history of Liberty County and its military crew, as well as historical artifacts and artifacts from the county's history. It houses numerous exhibits, documents and furnishings used by the US Army, the Georgia Army National Guard and Georgia State University. Artillery, tanks and small arms seized in Iraq will be on display, as will a variety of other military equipment and memorabilia from around the world.

It also includes an exhibit on the history of the Georgia Army National Guard and Georgia State University, as well as a collection of historical artifacts from the county's history.

You can obtain copies or excerpts of most of the original records from the county where the event took place and from the counties where it took place. The Georgia State University Museum also has the rotating Formation of Georgia's County Boundaries, an animated map that illustrates the changes in the boundaries between Georgia's counties.

Those interested in the museum should download the application form and questionnaire below and return the completed form with the postmark to Dr. Catherine Lewis. She will arrange for an adviser and you will contact her when you visit between 25 November and 24 December. It is recommended to call before the visit to ensure that all museums are open on the day you want.

In December, a Christmas tea is held in the museum's garden hall, which includes a guided tour. This year, the Midway Museum's new exhibition "Midway Story" will be presented, which includes a special tour of various rooms where famous figures from Midway's past have been brought to life.

Artisans at Square in Greenville, GA, offer a story told through colorful yarn paintings and a variety of other artworks.

Many estate documents from the 1930s and 1940s are transcribed, and many of them are microfilm. The theyhadname net project has a full transcription and transcribes the files of the US Supreme Court and the US Court of Appeals. In addition to military history, Hinesville Liberty is home to the Georgia State Historical Society, the state's oldest historical museum. Among the many historic sites in the area is the historic Liberty House, where visitors can visit a variety of historic buildings including Liberty Hall, Liberty Castle and Liberty Tower.

The Museum Services Exchange (MUSE) is an advisory service provided by members of the Georgian Museum Association. You may be interested in a particular area of interest, such as the history of Hinesville, and may apply for MUSE advice on the needs of this area. Sustaining, hosted by the Museum Studies Program at the University of Delaware, is an annual conference for museum staff and volunteers in the state of Georgia and the nation.

The Hinesville Georgian Museum and Georgia Museum of Natural History are located in the heart of the city, with nearby attractions such as the gardens and a variety of restaurants, shops and cafes.

Try your hand at golf at Cherokee Rose Country Club and play golf at the par 72 or drive to the Fort Stewart Museum of Military History. Visit the park, picnic, take advantage of free parking at Hinesville Park and Recreation Center or simply enjoy the scenery around you.

Liberty County boasts more than 1,000 acres of public parks and recreational facilities, including the Hinesville Park and Recreation Center, Cherokee Rose Country Club and Fort Stewart Museum of Military History. Oaks is home to the Liberty County Historical Society, the county's oldest historical museum, and the Georgia State Museum.

This large cemetery on the banks of the Wilmington River is home to a massive moss-draped oak tree that stands guard over a series of elegant statues and headstones. Located in the heart of downtown Hinesville, this hotel is just 10 minutes from historic downtown Savannah. Nestled in a majestic oak tree elegantly wrapped in Spanish moss, this National Office is located on the former site of a former US Post Office building and is one of Georgia's oldest and largest public parks and recreational facilities.

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More About Hinesville