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Lake Mayer Park in Savannah will soon have a new resource that will improve health and quality of life. The first of two locations of the Healthy Hub in the park on Montgomery Crossroads Savannah will open on Saturday, April 1.

The aim of the local grant is to bridge the gap between the city of Savannah and the rest of Georgia in terms of health and quality of life. The Tides of Town Healthy Hub project is funded by a grant from the Georgia Department of Health and a local nonprofit organization called REACH. The Savannah-Hainesville Chamber of Commerce, the Savannah Parks and Recreation Department and other local organizations will be present.

The project that became the Healthy Center was the brainchild of Savannah-Hainesville High School students Julia Fen and Julia Fen, who developed it in a class on sustainable practices in design 2020. Healthy Savannah commissioned artwork for the project from Georgia's Department of Health, the Department of Savannah Parks and Recreation and other local organizations.

These students are incredibly dedicated to understanding the health and wellness challenges that savannah residents face in their daily lives, and working with Healthy Savannah has enabled them to use these skills. Creative efforts focused on developing a concrete way to enhance the positive impact of healthy eating, exercise and living in Savannah - Hainesville. Healthy centres are just one example of what goes into promoting resources to promote better health and quality of life for all of us.

The hotel is close to a number of restaurants from local chains, no matter what you fancy, and we are known for our friendly staff and convenient location. We are close to attractions including the Savannah - Hainesville Botanic Garden, the Georgia State University campus and the National Park Service.

Visit the Gata Sports Bar & Grille for a game, or go hunting in Mexico and enjoy some chicken wings.

Spend a day in Fort Pulaski or take a night out in the pool stays near Fort Stewart.

Regardless of the literature, you will find an affordable, comfortable and even luxurious place to rest. If you want to pamper yourself, there are quality accommodations that offer the perfect combination of style and luxury. We make sure your stay is as comfortable and affordable as possible and we know that we offer you simple stays and affordable prices. If you know that additional discounts will benefit you as a AAA or AARP member, you can benefit.

Guests enjoy all the free amenities, including a private pool, spa, fitness center and full-service restaurant. There are large suites and modernized rooms that offer travelers the opportunity to use the room's hot tubs. Guests enjoy a variety of amenities including private balconies, private pools, hot tubs, saunas and more. To provide you with the comfort of your own home during your stay in Hinesville, all of our guest rooms have a bed, a bath, a shower, linens, toiletries, a kitchenette, a bathroom and other amenities.

The hotel has a full-service fitness center, a swimming pool, a spa, a gym, a gym and other amenities to help you stay active during your visit.

Tybee, consistently ranked as one of the top rated beaches in the state of Georgia, has something for everyone. If you want to escape the summer crowds, you can paddle on the public beach, which is not animal friendly but still a great place. Although there is no Little TyBee, Tybees Island has a dog park and wildlife trails that you can explore with your furry companion.

You can spend a day browsing dozens of shops and boutiques, enjoying local performing arts and art galleries, fishing at Tybee Pier Pavilion, booking a private charter or even throwing a line on the beach. Mike's Dolphin Tours offers a variety of tours to the state's most popular dolphin and sea turtle species. For excitement, rent a kayak and paddle along beaches full of birds and wildlife found only along Georgia's coast.

ACG and its affiliates provide their members with access to the largest and most comprehensive database on Georgia's wildlife and natural resources in the world.

All information is up-to-date and accurate to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the state's wildlife and natural resources, as well as on environmental health.

These line charts can be used to calculate the cost of booking a room in Hinesville for your upcoming trips. If you're visiting from May to October, be sure to visit the regionally renowned Hineville Farmers Market. Learn more about Fort Stewart at the FortStewart Museum and visit the Old Liberty County Jail in historic downtown Hinsdale if you visit between November 25 and December 24. You will probably check in at one of the many hotels and restaurants in the area, such as the Hilton, Hilton Atlanta or Hilton Georgia Hotels.

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More About Hinesville